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Assuring Almost Perfect Color Matches

Colorists appear to seem more interested right now -- investigating brands that might offer superior performance and educational support.. at a price that makes sense.

This week, I was asked on several occasions, to help colorists who wish to begin using a different brand of Demi permanent ( no lift' hair color.

PLEASE: Keep in mind. There are TWO Types of Demi colors. While both offer NO lift or almost znO lift... several brands are acidic. Others are alkaline.

their actions on the hair DIFFER!!

When you wish to transition from one brand of an ACIDIC liquid Demi brand to another Demi, please do yourself a favor and choose another Acidic Demi brand. Best to NOT change to an alkaline Demi.


Alkaline Demi colors DO have their place: Offering great gray coverage with no 'lift' of the 'still pigmented' hair. Creating long lasting, opaque 'never fade' lowlights. And enhancing natural hair color on thick , course, very dense hair.

Exploring different brand options can be a very positive experience. I'm happy to help you if this situation arises. See you soon in Florida or in Texas for all day hair color learning. B

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