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AUTUMN COLOR SURROUNDS Us.. And Salon Clients are Noticing!

This afternoon I met with three of my long-time clients who, without even being asked, requested a "bit of a change".. a nod toward AUTUMN! These various types of brunette,

were ready for a switch to an either "richer" (deeper) or more "chestnut" (warmer) shade

of brown. One of my super brunettes, asked me to add little "angel shots" of a lighter

brunette placed, very scattered, in selected strands.. mid's to ends in her very luxurious

curly hair. This was FUN.. particularly because I had no need to do my usual autumn color


For a long time, I think that in MOST places, there is a freshness to this time of year. And, as people begin thinking of the holidays... there is a bit of excitement in the air. So, when retouching their color, think about discussing even the slightest bit of color change... I think many of them will be very happy with that! B

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