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With few exceptions, JANUARY has become a less than pleasant time of the year.Why?

perhaps because it is how we work and live during the month of DECEMBER.

While we all know the effects of: Exhaustion, massive stress, noise, skipped meals, binge-eating of snack food, and holiday sweets, lack of sleep, over-work, ignoring the need to use

the bathroom, dehydration, AND attempting to create a joyous situation for family

and friends, it is no wonder that this intense period of "bringing in every dollar" has taken

its toll on our health and well-being. We sometimes abuse ourselves in order to accommodate clients who might also be suffering from holiday stress.

Hindsight is. 20/20. I remember our salon being PACKED with clients preparing for the holidays. And, I remember leaving the salon almost unable to walk. I was so tired, hungry

and "Keyed up" from the prolonged exposure to the noise of loud voices attempting to

overcome the sound of fifteen blow dryers all going at once. Some clients arrived late,

some arrived early. And a few clients had expectations of looking even prettier than might

be reasonable so that they would become the Christmas Princess whose life would

change over the holidays. I sacrificed my own personal happiness and put myself

last on my Christmas list. Perhaps you can relate to this. Of COURSE we need income

and want to make every client feel wonderful about their hair when they visit us. But

remember that feeling great about one's hair does not necessarily make someone feel

happy about their life.

How YOU manage the holiday bustle is your decision entirely. I hope you will try to avoid

a less than happy holiday due to exhaustion, or to becoming physically or mentally challenged as the new year begins. Coming in early, staying late, and accommodating

"squeeze ins" might help your business in the short term. The damage we do to our

own health and to our own personal lives deserves a bit of consideration. It's all a

question of Balance! B

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