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BLONDE 'a la Marilyn Monroe

You've lightened your blonde client to pale yellow (the color of a banana... not the banana

skin.. but the fruit).. almost a pale creamy yellow. She desires an icy beige tone reminiscent

of Ms. Monroe. Here's what you do to create this icy-beige blonde result:

Shampoo the hair. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry the hair very well. And, "at the sink",

apply the following Shades EQ formula: Massage in evenly, and process for 5 - 10 minutes. Then, gently shampoo, condition and style.

1 ounce Crystal Clear

1/2 ounce 9G

1/2 ounce 9NB

2 ounces of Color Processing Solution.

PS: I like to send this client home with a custom blend of equal parts of a gentle moisturizing shampoo mixed with CELEB Gem Lights Citrine. This color cocktail will keep hair looking

great in between salon blending retouches.

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