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Those of you who have visited Cleveland, know that one of the most beautiful parts of

the city is a place called CHAGRIN FALLS. The water falls actually flow through this lovely

town.. a "suburb" of Cleveland.

The beautiful Trilogy Salon will host me as I IMMERSE my professional attendees in an

inspirational and career-boosting day of hair color learning. The brilliant Gretchen Alminov

will join me, along with wonderful support staff. A busy day is ahead!

We will meet, evaluate and conduct a "color conversation with our models.

Then, You will help me choose, formulate, mix, apply, process and evaluate

the color we create. I will demonstrate, step-by-step on three "live" models.. not on mannequins. AND. we will explore the new color categories, options, and modern

chemistry being included in today's formulas. -- Information every career-colorist will

benefit from knowing.

This class is NOT a "product knowledge class" for a manufacturer. The subject is 'Professional Hair Color as an Art Form". Of course we use wonderful products during

our day. To name just a few: Wella, Joico, Paul Mitchell, Rusk, SEQ, CELEB, Schwartzkopf, Evo, and Beauty Fusion. Our gift bags will be waiting for you as you

depart after class. Lunch and diploma included. When you register NOW, you will obtain

a discount

So, go to "EVENTS" PAGE here on BethMinardi-ALLACCESS, register, and prepare to

enjoy a wonderful day IMMERSED in hair color.


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