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DETAILS MATTER: Success Begins at the Sink!

I spent time yesterday, reading a wonderful new technical manual on line. This information

is presented by HUE UNIVERSE color.

One of the points the brand makes is communicated by almost every single company

company when they write product instructions. This centers around the application, at

the sink, of a glaze, a toner, or a conditioner after the hair has been shampooed and


Clearly, we all know that water DILUTES. WHY THEN does almost every person I see,

finish rinsing, then, WITHOUT TOWEL DRYING or squeezing excess water from the

hair, grab a handful of conditioner or a bottle of glazing solution, and begin hastily

applying it to the SOAKING WET HAIR???? Do we not understand that the presence of

so much water massively reduces the effectiveness of anything applied to it? This is a

waste of time, money and product.. and the wonderful stuff we are applying to those hair

lengths is largely UNABLE to perform because it cannot get into the soaking wet hair!

I KNOW that YOU do not do this... but I'm fairly certain that you see this happen more often

than not. I hope cosmetology instructors and salon managers will share this note. We can

do a better job and satisfy more clients when we pay attention to this small.. but very important step. B

PS: If you plan to join me in Austin, Texas for class on Monday, May 16th, please register

this week. Registration closes this Saturday, April 23rd. See you in class!

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Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
19 avr. 2022

Hi Bill! Thinking of you and hoping that your surgery was a success. Stay well and thank you for your support and for commenting! B

19 avr. 2022
En réponse à

Thanks for reaching out. You are the “shot in the arm” I needed today!

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