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Attending hair color classe is most joyful when it is CONVENIENT, and when

it requires no personal travel, days lost at work, time-consuming management,

AND when it takes place on a day when the salon is closed for business. No need to drive

or fly anywhere. No need to pay for hotel lodging, meals or ground transport. I thank those salon owners who have chosen to become a"HOST" salon, where I conduct my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR

learning sessions. Three more sessions are planned throughout October, 2023.

Most of you are aware that my full day IMMERSION color seminars are hosted in salons

around the country. I conduct these on Mondays, when most salons are closed

for business. Tuitions include a catered lunch and a framable diploma.

THE "SUBJECT" is Hair Color. -- This is NOT a BRAND COMMERCIAL!

Manufacturer sessions are free and can be obtained as product knowledge classes

when any salon purchases a significant amount of color. But, I believe good colorists

need to know MORE about color as an art, a science and a chemical service.

I create my sessions to guarantee an in-depth understanding of color concepts,

which benefit ALL colorists.. regardless of the brand(s) they are currently using.

Color chemistry, science, hands-on technique, trends, formulation, and testing of

each attendees" "favorite shade" comprise the majority of this day- long color lesson.

The meetings are very interactive, with attendees sharing opinions, thoughts,

their successes and color challenges. We foster feelings of respect, support,

community and friendship.

To date, HOST salons can register a number of their staff members at NO CHARGE.

I send product and educational materials, and cover lunches, chair rental and my

travel expenses. I invite other salon colorists to register. I accept tuitions on my

here on my website when you click: "Group Classes and Events".

RECENTLY, salons and educational groups have requested a PRIVATE

IMMERSION Into HAIR COLOR session, where class is open exclusively to

members of that staff or group. These salons may choose to invite other colorists, and

collect a tuition for attendees who are not a part of their group , I am happy to

accommodate this request. I bring attendee gifts, and use the brand(s) the

salon uses. I bring to class, shades included in Beauty Fusion Phyto-Tech color; a

beautifully performing, vegan, Earth and Human-Friendly line, housed in biodegradable

packaging. I am responding to salon owners who are a bit shocked at the new, very

high cost of hair color. Many of us can remember when hair color cost salons about $3.50

per piece... NOW we see prices hovering at $10.00 or more per two ounces. Beauty Fusion

is available at only $7.95 per three ounces of color.

Right now, my registrar and class manager, Damion DeVine and I are planning our 2024

class calendar. For complete information, feel free to email Damion at:

To register for any of our remaining events, scheduled for 2023, Visit our home page here on

our site. See at the top of the page: Group Classes and Events. Click.. and you will find

everything you need. I look forward to seeing you in class! Beth.

Your may leave your COMMENT here, if you wish.


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I would to attend a class in or near Louisville Kentucky!

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Aug 07, 2023
Replying to

Thx Brenda. Please share your request with Damion— he will be in touch.


Beth I am in Key West n just met a Salon Owner n am trying to get a class r Salons interested in a Class

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Aug 06, 2023
Replying to

Hi Michael!!!!

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