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How delighted I was to meet such committed, interested hair color professionals at the RUSK

REWIND event in San Antonio! So many salon professionals asked me when I would return

to spend a full day with them. .. IMMERSING them in color education that really makes a

difference, is stress-free, and promises that attendees gain immediate benefit from the

seminar's curriculum.

I'm honored to name Salon Expert and Texan E'Lisa Messick as my Texas Seminar Registrar! Will be happy to field your questions and requests, and to assist with event registration.

FIRST STOP: Dallas, Texas, Monday, February 7th.. (Snow Date: Monday, February 28th). You can relax and watch me demonstrate, step-by-step on three models. We will introduce new color science and chemistry every colorist needs to know. We welcome your input on best practices, and the new product categories we will be introducing!

Lunch and a Certificate of Achievement will be included in your non-refundable tuition.

Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for additional registration details. In the meantime,

please feel free to contact E'Lisa .. she'd LOVE to hear from you.

Call or Text: 817-877-7384.

What should my next Texas city be? We'd love to hear from you. E'Lisa is listening.. and so am I. B

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