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My Personal Quest - Discovered At Last!

As my 40th birthday approached, I became sensitive to things I had enjoyed with pleasure during all of my life. I rapidly became dangerously ALLERGIC to shellfish! - A loss, as I loved that stuff.

Shortly thereafter, I began developing a small itchy patch on my upper torso and under my neck-- when hair color had been applied for my retouch. This was very slight, resolved rapidly, and really no big deal --- at first. As time went on, this situation intensified. I bought and used every protective product. I changed color brands. I changed color categories. Then. I found relief by retouching only small areas at a time. After waiting a few days, I'd retouch one other area, etc. And, for years, I noticed a few of my clients asking to use a rat tail comb to scratch their itchy scalp as color processed.

With scepticism, I listened to information introduced to me by my FB Group Page associate Sebastian Steele. He offered to send a few shades of Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Color to me. --- My issue, SOLVED! ! No rash! No discomfort! Super shiny, delicious color. Earth and human-friendly. NO MEA, PPD, Alcohol or Resorcinal. More than 60 intermixable shades.

Members here use numerous lines of wonderful products, and I encourage you to CONTINUE using brands with which you are successful. Should you ever want free info about Beauty Fusion,comment here and share your preferred contact info. Beauty Fusion is priced at $7.95 per three ounce piece.

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I’m very interested in this color line

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Apr 01, 2023
Replying to

Sending my sincere sympathy for your loss. Losing a mother is a horrible shock.. sadness, and grief. I am sure that those who love her will bond with you as you join together, celebrating her life.

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