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Our Salon Life: A CAREER or a Job? Which one is right for you

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

While I have spent most of my professional life seeing what we do as a career,

the world has changed. And with that change we see a very new attitude regarding

how people regard their work life and how work affects their overall life. There is merit

in whatever one chooses.


My Dad was one of those 1950's dads who worked Monday through Friday. He left the

house at 8AM every day, and got home right before 6. At times, he was required to

travel on business, and at other times, his company owners would travel to his office

for a day or so. My mom was expected to (and was happy with) being the "hostess". She

cooked all day, polished the silver, used her best china and set the table IN THE DINING

ROOM! While all that was happening, she jumped into the tub, put on a "nice' dress,

used extra lipstick and did her hair the "deluxe" way. .. and when the evening was over,

she washed all the dishes..............

If one of us was ill, or a school event took place, or I needed to go to ballet or to the barn, my mom drove us everywhere. My brother's rather frequent trips to the ER.. falling out of

his treehouse or "accidentally" opening my uncle's pen knife... there was mom again, doing

it all.... because my dad was AT WORK. Her life was much like the life of most American

"Leave it to Beaver" wives and mothers. ... The only time my dad attended "kid stuff" was

at night or on weekends. He DID attend all school "teacher converasation nights", and if

we had a Saturday or evening school or sports program... he was there.

My parents were married two years before I was born, soI was raised in a "two parent home". The world is different now. Many parents are single today. Couples don't always feel the need to marry. Some moms.. and some

dads raise their kids alone; sometimes with help from extended family or with friends.

. AND., Not every kid is instructed to complete

their education at a school. College is NO LONGER a key to certain success. And simply graduating from cosmetology school does not guarantee

a successful outcome. Learning how to Excel with technical skills remains important, AND a renewed expectation for living a "whole" life, rather than to "live for their

work" looks to be a healthier way to enjoy being alive and present in this world. This freer

type of thinking has certainly hit the salon world.

Today, more women have joined "the guys" as being at the top of the salon industry. And,

while both men and women... in the new gen.. and the gen after that... are often extremely talented, they regularly place a very firm healthy limit on how long, how often and how

hard they choose to work: They place priority on the life they live outside the salon.

This is sometimes confusing to those

of us who grew up during a time when we were expected to work nights, early, AM's six

or seven days a week; perhaps when we were ill, one day after burying a loved one,

or ten days after having a baby. Yep! And many built remarkable businesses... or not.

It's not quite the same for the "Now Gen" of salon pros. Those who will find themselves at the top of the salon profession will invest more time and carry a real passion for what they

do. That passion IS NOT required for those who see "doing good hair" as a job. And that is OK.

Smart pros do not jump from salon to salon. They devote regular time to continuing

education. They set very firm salon days/ hours, which they clearly convey to their clients . And, they stick to their schedule.

They preserve their own well-being by arranging dependable professional child care.


as it once was, particularly to some who are now entering our profession.

And that is absolutely OK!

Some DO "reach for the stars".. if chiefly in their own salon space. This

differs from the way our salon world worked in the past. Shows, editorials, celebrity

clients, beautiful work spaces. high level service menus -- all that was viewed as "Success".

BUT, there are many ways to life a successful life. The choice is yours.

I look forward to meeting that next gen of young people who have the passion to

Reach the TOP! But! There is space for every talent in this beautiful business.

Being careful, methodical, following instructions, listening to clients, watching other

talented people, being friendly and respectful .. provide a strong foundation, and allows your personal and leisure life to look just as you wish it to be! Be your

every best self.. and above all: Enjoy your life. B

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