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When we look at a salon swatch chart, or when a consumer reads the boxes of color they are purchasing at a retail store, the color results we see depict what the color company estimates as being the results of that shade when applied to VIRGIN HAIR.

I have been told that some brands share that the color shown is what results when the shade is applied to 100% white hair.. Other brands share that they show what a certain color will

produce when applied to hair at the same level as that shade. EXAMPLE: The brand shows

what that level 6 shade will produce when applied to natural level 6 hair. When you attend

a class or speak with a sales representative, be sure to ask: Is this swatch showing

the shade it will produce when applied to gray hair? hair of the same level? .. or bleached hair? Hopefully the representative will know the answer to that question.

WHAT IS VIRGIN HAIR: VIRGIN HAIR has had no previous exposure to synthetic hair color, permanent waves or relaxers. VIRGIN HAIR has not suffered from overexposure to chlorine, minerals, salt water or the sun. Virgin hair has not been damaged due to continuing exposure to alkaline products. It is in good condition, and the cuticle is closed because the

hair is not porous.

VIRGIN HAIR behaves as we expect. It behaves differently from hair that has been

chemically or environmentally compromised.

Color applied to porous, previously colored or lightened hair WILL NOT develop to the

shade you see on a swatch chart. DIY home users very frequently wear a hair color shade

that is less than flattering. WHY? Because they believe that their hair will transform to

the shade they see on the front of a box; and they "refresh" their current shade by bringing

color down onto those previously compromised ends.

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