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I enjoyed a FABULOUS day in Dallas, meeting with thirty wonderful salon colorists at Sandi Hammonds Studio. During our full day IMMERSION INTO COLOR program,

we explored a number of hair color options including Moroccan Oil Color Conditioner,

Evo Fabuloso, Overtones, Redken Shades EQ, Rusk Deep Shine Direct Deposit,. Viral by Celeb, Wella Color Touch, Joico Demi Liquid Color.. and so much more.

Wella kindly provided a large array of their new SHINEFINITY Gel Demi Color, which,

like Shades E.Q. is sheer, shiny, gentle .. and a real game-changer for colorists. I glazed my corrective color client, using SHINEFINITY, and loved the predictable, delicious results on hair which was extremely fine and compromised. Next, our attendees tested the brand on human hair swatches which had been prelightened to pale yellow.

Here's the "bottom line" modern colorists all understand: We can bleach hair or apply

permanent hair color to the same part of the hair....... ONCE. Allowing bleach or permanent dye to repeatedly contact previously sensitized hair lengths creates....... regret! How fortunate we are to live at a time when we have wonderful acidic options.. demi shades,

color bearing shampoos, color conditioners, and effective direct deposit products designed to deposit color without "biting" hair that is already delicate due to previous chemical services.

The old "soap cap" or "dilute the permanent color formula with water, filler, shampoo

or a lower-volume developer" method simply does not allow us to create the finest result..

And, as we work together to elevate salon professional hair color to an art form.. that perfect

result accompanied by wonderful hair health, is precisely what we must always do. Respect the fiber. Protect the cuticle! B

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