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As I continue reading the information color chemists ALL share about the effects of permanent hair color, or bleach, their words echo the very same information. Here

they are:

HAIR (hair sebum at the scalp) is between a ph of 4.5 and 5/5, creating an acidic environment which protects the hair and keeps the cuticle closed. That

acidic mantle (covering of the hair) from sebaceous gland excretion, brought into

the hair lengths doing proper brushing and combing, protects the hair lengths..

All permanent hair coloring and bleaching products are alkaline. They break through that

acidic protection in order to penetrate through the hair's cuticle and into the cortex, where

natural color 'lives". Alkaline prducts disrupt the protective acid mantle surrounding the hair and the scalp. So, after coloring or bleaching the hair, it is the professional colorist's responsibility to return hair to its natural ph, by VERY thorough rinsing of the hair, followed

by a shampoo that has a ph between 5 and 6. The hair must be lathered and cleansed

completely, and again, rinsed very, very well so that ALL color or lightener residue is removed from the hair. THEN, after rinsing, the hair should be towel dried before a top quality

hydrolyzed protein, moisturizing conditioner is applied and worked through the hair. These

two CRITICAL product types permit the cuticle to close.. after being disrupted by the alkaline service. Doing a "quick", in and out shampoo with a "cheap" shampoo, and listening to the client who says "don't use conditioner in my hair".. lead to possible irritation but for CERTAIN,

the hair will lose color faster, fade, lack shine, and will feel like "lousy" beat-up color treated hair..... as it has not been protected from the damage any alkaline contact creates. So much of our success depends upon how we care for the hair BEHIND THE SINK. Creating beautiful hair color requires work and attention to detail.

Make the color you create.... the very best! B.

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