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Remember! As a career colorist, your success is primarily the result of your talented hands, your intelligent head (brain) and your passion for excellence (your heart). These combine

to make all the difference! NO PRODUCT is "magic". YOU are the magic. Of course we need to use what we believe works best for us. I LOVE PRODUCTS and have very strong opinions regarding performance and quality. BUT, products do not have brains. They are

NOT the chief source of your success.

Scientists clearly agree that while we can strengthen and beautify hair which has been aggressively over-processed, we CANNOT completely 'heal" the broken bonds, or replace a fried off cuticle. While very effective conditioning and bonding tools exist.. and are helpful, it is our responsibility to be in control! Avoid over-processing hair. Don't think everything is "safe" and that you can bleach the same parts of the hair over and over again, without regard to what that hair will "be" when you are finished. No hair is beautiful when it is no longer attached to the head. Let's avoid hair that is "spaghetti when wet", and "a Brillo pad" when dry. Your success:Be the colorist who is able to create gorgeous color on hair that

remains strong, healthy and in great condition!

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