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Iconic celebrity hair colorist Beth Minardi has dedicated her illustrious career to elevating the perception of professional hair color to an art form. Creating full friendships with thousands of the professional colorists she teaches on innovative color brands, techniques, trends and business strategies.

As former director of new business and education at Clairol, Beth was instrumental in the development of color brand LOGICS. As special consultant to Redken and Joico, she managed the teams, creating new color brands, culminating with the introduction of Beth Minardi Signature shades.

Brad Pitt, Evan Rachael Wood, Mandy Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Julianne MooreRene Russo, Kevin Bacon, Michele Greene, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz.

Letter from Beth 

When you join Beth ( BETH'S POST ) , you'll obtain commercial-free access to career-enhancing "Post-Graduate" studies in professional hair color. The most accurate facts about the artistic, scientific, and technical aspects of color are at your fingertips.

LEARN from Beth's OnGoing Hair Color BLOG.  Share kk your color concerns, comments, and opinions.  Be immersed in the best science, color practice, skills and business-building sessions designed to support your colorful success. Members have access to both FREE and Discounted color seminars, and enjoy the friendship of other career colorists living throughout the world.

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