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LET'S "ZOOM". FREE Color Class

Reminder. JOIN ME, this Monday, August 21st, Noon Eastern Time. Feel free

to ask any question or comment, as you wish.

Our subject: The beauty, flexibility, options and chemistry of Acidic Demi-Permanent

Hair Color. The history behind how and why this important color category was

designed.. and about how it has changed our approach to modern hair color.

Regardless. of the brands you use, you've most probably learned about brands

like Paul Mitchell The Liquid, Rusk Deep Shine, Goldwell's-COLORANCE and Redken Shades EQ. All of them have helped the evolution of salon professional color.

I'll include a discussion about the Earth and Human Friendly, beautifully performing

BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH color collection. ... another great option as we

move ahead to the future of hair color.

Let's share our favorite formulas, color challenges, and what we can expect in our


To "sign in".. do so BEFORE Monday if you can. You will receive a "reminder" call in

note in your email. OK. Here on our site, go to the top of the page. CLICK where you see

"Group Classes and Events. Scroll down.. and see how to sign in for our FREE

Educational Session.

..THIS JUST IN: Mark your calendar for Monday, November 13th.. my last IMMERSION

session of the year. Our host: Sheila Zanier, in Memphis, Tennessee. Registration

details will be visible here early next week. Let's continue on our mission: The Elevation

of Salon Professional Hair Color as an Art Form.

Best, Always,



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