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Beth Minardi

Beth Minardi is a renowned name in the hair industry. Her significant

contributions have spanned her roles as an instructor, an artist, and

a product developer.

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As an Instructor: Minardi has shared her vast knowledge and expertise with other hairstylists around the world. She's known for teaching both basic and advanced color theory and techniques, covering everything from basic color theory to advanced techniques for color correction. She's widely recognized as an expert colorist and instructor who has educated countless hairstylists in the art and

science of hair coloring. Her dedication to teaching has helped elevate the standards of hair color artistry worldwide.


As an Artist: Minardi has a reputation as one of the best hair

colorists in the industry, known for her ability to create

personalized, flattering colors for each of her clients. She's known for her unique approach to formulating and customizing hair color, focusing on enhancing a person's natural beauty rather than simply following trends. Her work has been showcased in various media outlets, industry events, and fashion shows, influencing hair color trends on a global scale.

In Product Development: Minardi's unique line of professional hair color products, known as Beth Minardi Signature Shades, has had a significant impact on the industry. The line, which includes permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent colors, was developed to provide the highest quality color, shine, and condition to the hair. Her products not only provide beautiful, vibrant colors but also prioritize hair health. Her understanding of color chemistry and hair

health led to the creation of a product line that many professionals rely on to create stunning results.


In summary, Beth Minardi's contributions to the field of hair color and care have revolutionized industry practices and standards, establishing her as a leading figure in the world of professional hair color.

What Clients Say

"You are still the original best teacher in the hairdressing colour theory and practical of everything hair dressers needs to understand You are Simply The Best you need to start your webinars again I learnt so much from them and they were so educational."
Michael Embleton
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