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Do YOU have a client who may be new, and whose pair presents a challenge (her hair is a mess!)?

Or a client who wants a color change --and you know this will be a very time-consuming process which will interrupt your usual salon day?

Or DO YOU NEED TO SIT IN MY CHAIR to Relax and Learn? I'll color your hair to the

precise shade you envision --without your being rushed or interrupted....

If so, "ONE ON ONE WITH Beth Minardi" might be a great choice for you! We can meet

PRIVATELY at the beautiful Kieran McKenna Salon, located just steps away from the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan... 1100 Madison Avenue at East 83rd Street. We will

select the Sunday or Monday, that works best for you. And we will be immersed in color for three uninterrupted hours (or more).. as we transform color into a beautiful, desired shade,(or possible improvement due to dangerous hair condition). You are encouraged

to photograph, video or record everything and to take notes.

Members of BethMinardi-ALLACCESS, pay our membership discounted tuition of $595.

Non-Members pay $625. Tuitions are payable by Business Check, Venmo or Pay Pal.

Credit cards are NOT ACCEPTED. To Register, please contact me 9AM - 9PM at

at 646-468-9802 or by email to (NO Facebook Messages,

Please) Tuitions are non-refundable. Cancellations no longer valid after a seven day

advance request.

I can't wait to color hair with YOU!.. I promise that we will learn, enjoy and have fun as

we create beautiful hair color!

As, Always, Elevating Salon Hair Color to an Art Form,

Beth Minardi

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