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From : THE SCIENCE OF HAIR CARE, Second Edition by Buillon and Wilkinson

Retouching previously colored hair means that you are working on at least two types of

hair fiber at the same time: The "root".. or new hair which has grown out of the head

since the last hair coloring service.. And, the previously colored hair lengths.

When I was in beauty school, I was instructed to apply color to the "root" or new growth,

first. Then, after about 25 minutes, I was instructed to use a large comb to work the

color formula up into the hair lengths in order to "refresh" the faded color. A number of

colorists continue doing this today.

Chemistry experts Buillon and Wilkinson state: "After several applications of permanent hair color, the hair no longer has the same condition and physiochemical characteristics. It tends

to resemble bleached hair." This is one of the reasons why acidic demi liquid hair color, color bearing shampoos and color conditioners were developed. Previously colored or

bleached hair lengths are structurally DIFFERENT from the "new" hair which just grew out

of the head!

Today's color client can enjoy super shiny, healthy hair ... no longer dry, "straw like" or lacking

in shine. And, unless the hair is very long and very thick, there is no need to apply a massive amount of these color-refreshing options as you retouch your hair color clients.

New Options: BEAUTY FUSION by Artego is a super shiny, beautiful collection of acidic liquid demi color. 3 ounces per bottle at only $7.50 per piece! No PPD, No MEA, ... and the addition of natural plant oils protects scalp and hair as the color processes. To obtain a FREE

Color Chart, for more information or to order BEAUTY FUSION, call 561-252-0544. or 336-266-7370.

Interested? I'm happy to share four "never fail" liquid demi formulas with you. Comment here or email me:

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Beth I am interested in the four never fail demi formals!

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