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In the past, before the introduction of "no lift" demi permanent color, hair color companies instructed us to "refresh" faded hair lengths by diluting our permanent color "root" retouch formula with water, shampoo, filler or "low volume" developer. This was intended to increase deposit and to eliminate or minimize the "lift" in the formula. And, at the time, this was the best refresher available. HOWEVER: Doing this DID NOT effectively lower the ALKALINITY of what we applied to those more fragile, sensitized, faded hair lengths.

Smart colorists (back then), wanted to improve the situation, and learned that their clients' hair felt better and faded less when they abandoned this "less gentle" process; by substituting with an application of deposit-only products like Jazzing or Cellophanes; or with application of a semi-permanent product

which was less alkaline. And, because hair lengths are almost always more porous, color seemed to "HOLD" the refreshed tone more effectively. As the color wheel turned again, people learned how to use acidic liquid demi shades like Shades E.Q. PMShines, Rusk Demi Liquid Color. Gloss, Beth Minardi Demi Liquids .. and others. NOW, hair lengths were more protected, less porous, held tone beautifully and SHINED. Most of us continue color refreshing with acidic shades today. A wonderful advancement., almost as important as the invention of fire.. or the wheel!!!!!! (my opinion, only!)...

NOW, we have even MORE ways to "refresh" hair lengths which may have been highlighted, faded bysun and "exposure" to the elements, and to general "life" here on Planet Earth. I have been exploringvery NEW, HIGHLY PIGMENTED shampoos and conditioners which deliver great condition AND realcolor deposit into faded hair lengths. These are NEW.. nothing like "refreshers" we had in the past!

As a member, investigate, and feel free to ask me about these wonderful product developments. Investigate the RUSK COLOR CONDITIONERS.. (I LOVE the BEIGE, COOL BLONDE and BROWN). OVERTONE, and EVO FABULOSO.. are fabulous, And, WOW! Celeb brands VIRAL and GEMLIGHTS have very effectively created shampoos and treatments that beautifully "color" faded hair lengths instantly.. as they effectively condition and hydrate the hair.

While none of us can take a look at "everything".. there are a few very special additions we shouldat least consider. Comment here. I want to know your opinion. Share your questions regarding modern color refreshers. This is YOUR PLACE to tell our friends what you are thinking.

And, JOIN me for classes scheduled this October and November. I hope to visit a location near you as another new year begins.. Can you imagine?.. 2022 is really right around the corner! Let's hold hands together as we forge ahead into a colorful new future.

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