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Learning about what's new — just one of the topics we explore here on AllAccess, and in my classes. Today, in Dallas, my dedicated professional attendees and I delved deeply into Wella’s new GEL Demi brand: SHINEFINITY. Think of Shades EQ in a gel form. No Ammonia, no Alcohol, No Silicones. Product mixes with its own very low volume developer. SHINEFINITY begins oxidation in an alkaline environment— but immediately becomes acidic when in contact with the hair. Sheer, shiny and predictable! We tested today on a corrective model and on swatches pre-lightened to pale yellow. Unlike Wella Color Touch, which is opaque and alkaline, SHINEFINITY is sheer and acidic. Perfect for refreshing faded hair lengths, performing tint-backs, toning highlights or globally lightened hair, or as a "first time" color for the more timid salon client.

The shades are intermixable and mixed with equal parts of SHINEFINITY's dedicated developer: There are two: One developer creates a great "liquid" color batter.. great for application via bottle. The other developer (same volume) creates a delicious "gelee", which is perfect and "no drip"... great for free-hand painting or for wrapping hair into selected

sections. Processing ranges from 5 - 20 minutes at room temperature or under heat. Upon rinsing, the hair feels wonderful.

I’m continuing to explore SHINEFINITY, and will share my thoughts here on AllAccess. I thank my fabulous IMMERSION INTO COLOR attendees, and the talented and dedicated Max and Elisa, without whom our program would never have happened!

… AND THANK YOU to the staff and artists at host salon Sandi Hammond Studio! What a

wonderful group we had!

So many key manufacturers provided us with full size products for our swag bags!

..Wonderful gifts from Rusk, Schwartzkopf, Matrix, Celeb, OPI, Wella and

others! All of us left with gift bags overflowing with wonderful new things to try!

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