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It goes by many names...

💥No matter what you call it, it is a reality of the lightening process.💥

You can define this phenomena as the end result of the fracturing (breakdown) of the NATURAL (or artificial) pigments in the hair during the lightening process.

Contributing pigment is CREATED, it is the result of the action of chemicals applied to the hair .

The different levels of contributing pigment are simply an estimation of identifiable stages the hair will most likely pass through when you attempt to lighten it.

It is a rough guide to assist the colorist in controlling the final haircolor result.

Key word here ➡️ESTIMATION

Remember, not all hair is created equally...

So that said, does it make sense to say that all hair will lighten equally?

For instance, hair that has a predominance of eumelanin with very little pheomelanin has a tendency to lighten easily without the interference of too much unwanted warmth.

Conversely, hair that has a predominance of pheomelanin, which is very resistant to lightening has a tendency to contribute much more unwanted warmth with much more intensity.

So, these are great guidelines to have, to give you some predictability when you are lightening hair, but keep in mind, they are simply estimations of what is thought that the hair will MOST OFTEN do when its being lightened.

Hair Type, Hair Texture, Density, and Eye Color will also give you some pretty significant cues about what you're in for when you're going to attempt to lighten someones hair.

So, take a step back, take a deep breath and don't forget to look at the bigger picture.

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