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It's About "The Mix"

Mixing hair color or lightener is very much like mixing cake batter! Very complete

mixing of all ingredients creates the best starting point as we prepare color. We might

be in a hurry, mix a formula, and believe that all is well as we go about our

busy day. So, BE CAREFUL. Make certain that your formula is mixed WELL

before you begin applying color!

Today's sophisticated selections of lighteners and color contain numerous ingredients,

including special oils, conditioners, bonding additives and moisturizers. To work effectively,

they DO require more careful mixing than some of the older liquid hair color products.

Upon occasion, clients report discomfort or burning when a color is applied during a

retouch. This issue MIGHT be the result of insufficient product mixing! Those buffers

and conditioning oils which make up a part of the color formula, MUST be thoroughly

and evenly mixed in order to protect the scalp. AND, many top quality DEVELOPERS

(peroxide) contain SQUALINE, (usually derived from olive oil production). Squaline is a

an effective, protective skin moisturizer. So, thorough intermixing of color and developer

becomes even more important when we attempt to keep our clients comfortable.

While careful, complete mixing of color and lightener formulas is important, it, by no

means, is the only reason that a client can become sensitive or uncomfortable during

a color application. .... And, all of you know: When the client says that the color burns

or is causing an itching sensation.... it is our responsibility to respond CAREFULLY.. and

to immediately escort the client to the sink where the offending formula will be removed.

I look forward to our color class in Houston this coming Monday, August 8th, and to meeting

with career colorists on Monday, September 19th, in Chagrin Falls (Cleveland), Ohio!

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