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ME+ New Hair Color Ingredient

Several of our AllAccess members have requested information regarding the addition of a new color ingredient called ME+.

ME+ was created after twenty years of research, and is contained in a number of new permanent hair coloring products. Here is what I have been able to learn:

ME+ is Methoymethy-p-phenelyn diamine, an innovation which reduces the risk of possible allergic reaction to hair color. The ingredient makes hair color less recognized by the body's T cells. It can be used to replace PPD or PTD contained in most hair color.

Great advancements happen all the time in our industry. You might reach out to the manufacturer of the products you are using. As noted here, the information states "reduces the risk"... rather than using the word "prevents". You will understand that nothing can create a situation that is 100% non-allergenic...... Great improvements.. But, someone might even be allergic to water, orange juice or an apple. .... and so it goes. I look forward to seeing you in class, Monday, November 1st, in New Town, Ct. The beautiful RICCI Academy and Salon is hosting us there for an entire day of in person, detailed salon color education. Click "education" and RSVP here if you'd like to join us! B

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