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Oxygen Plays a Big Role In Hair Color

When we lighten hair with permanent hair color OR with bleach, the process is one of OXIDATION.

Most clients have no interest in this.. and colorists don't need to think about this all the time. BUT,

knowing a bit about how color "works", helps us make the best choices when selecting a shade

or a lightener. Remember, anything that is able to lighten hair must be ALKALINE, and while some

products are defined as "natural" or "non-ammonia", that does not mean that they are gentle..

or edible!

When we mix peroxide .. also known as developer.. with color or with lightener, Oxygen is released. It is the oxygen that diffuses (breaks up) the natural melanin (located in the cortex) of the hair. The formula's

alkalinity allows the solution to penetrate into the cortex. So, oxygen, coupled with formula alkalinity, allows a solution to lighten the hair.

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