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While business around the world continues to be affected by the Covid "invasion", many of

us find ourselves busier now that the holidays are upon us. How exciting it is to see our

schedules fuller than they have been recently! But before you pat yourself on the back as

you look ahead during the weeks ahead, be sure to "look before you leap".

Take it from one who has "been there". While doing all you can to accelerate your business,

DO remember that you are human, and that unless you protect yourself, you risk creating

a very unhappy situation. Remember that like you, clients are stressed, tired, and trying to

keep up with everything going on around them. So, I'm sharing four words which I hope


Salon space, your time, and customer patience are all more limited right now. And, trying

to "speed up" appointments can result in spotty highlights, poor gray coverage, insufficient "lift" and "deposit" of color, incomplete consultations, and unhappy clients who prefer to complain aloud and/or who refuse to pay for services.

Expect that some clients will arrive late for their appointments, ask for additional

services or cancel at the last minute. BREATHE! Avoid attempting to satisfy more than

one client at a time unless you have a very fine, experienced assistant working with you. And, even though we all want to make every ticket count, don't attempt to add multiple color services for a client unless you are 100 percent CERTAIN that you will have time to do so.

Above all, take care of YOURSELF! These are YOUR holidays as well~. Eat breakfast, drink

water. Stop talking and sit quietly for five minutes every hour. Be sure to eat even a very small but nutritious mid-day meal (NOT THE COOKIES BROUGHT IN BY CLIENTS!), and

DO take a moment for self care.. retreating to the ladies' or mens' room when needed. No

one benefits when you begin the new year as a tired, ill, upset or highly stressed salon

professional. Right now, it's one client at a time. Do your best to take better care of fewer

people.. or at least to the number of clients you can successfully satisfy during this very

busy time of the year. ... You provide such JOY to others all year long. Allow that JOY

to visit you as you successfully manage this colorful holiday season! B

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