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That ONE "Problem" Color Client

I learn so much when I teach color. Last weekend, I was in a colorist's "Paradise"

at the Admiral's Cove Salon and Spa, located in Jupiter Beach, Florida. This

exquisite space is floor to ceiling windows overlooking lush gardens; white and lit perfectly with enormous space, perfect seating, exquisite shampoo and styling areas. And

a staff and salon director who represent the best of the best.

As they day progressed, I asked our attendees if they needed help with ONE formula

for ONE client who has a color issue which is difficult to solve. With notepad and pencil

in hand, so many asked me to listen to their question, and to provide an exact answer

about how to solve that problem using BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH Hair Color.

Because you can order directly from us, we don't require huge "minimum orders" or commitments from salon professionals like you.

So, FIRST for our ALL ACCESS MEMBERS like you. Is there something I can help you

with? I can personalize anything you'd like and am happy to help you, "Step by Step".

Simply scroll down and COMMENT HERE. I can answer you in writing, or, if you

prefer, we can set up a telephone call. Of course, there is no charge for this.

And if you wish to place a "one formula" order for this. (Beauty Fusion is $7.95 for a three

ounce piece), I can guide you to our color customer experts: Elisa, Damion or Annie.

Many of us work alone today. So, obtaining support is not as easy as it once was. I remain

dedicated to elevating what we do to an art form. And, I am here for you. Let's connect

-- even if you need to share a photo, wish to chat OR if you want the instructions written

to you in private.

Our South Carolina event is filling up fast, and is limited to twenty attendees. Petrvs Salon,

owned by Candace Aldrich, is only a few miles from gorgeous Hilton Head Island, in Ridgeland. Join us there. OR attend my class (Sunday or Monday) at Chicago's America's

Beauty Show. April 16th or 17th. Register for ABS on their website. Each session in Chicago is limited to only 50 colorists. Our VIP classroom is set with round tables accommodating ten people. You will see and hear EVERYTHING clearly. and enjoy a

buffet lunch (Sunday) or breakfast (Monday). as you listen, learn and enjoy.

I look forward to exploring all things hair color with YOU! Beth

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