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A BIT OF GLAMOUR.... As Your Brunette Clients "grow out to gray"

Here's the situation: Your client has decided to "go gray". She is about six months "in" to her new look and does not wish to "go back" to coloring. BUT she is not happy with the way her

hair is looking now. Here is a GREAT NEVER-FAIL glazing solution I have used with great success: AND, This will slowly fade away after 10 -12 weeks

Add smoky lightest brown tone to softly blend the gray hair.

GLAZE the entire head with Redken Shades EQ:

1 1/2 ounces of 06N plus 1/2 ounce 08GN plus 2 ounces of Color Processing Solution.

Apply formula and process with heat for 20 minutes. Continue processing at room temperature for an additional 10 to 20 minutes. NOTE: If those hair lengths are still showing previous deeper color, RESTRICT the formula application to the regrowth area only!

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Hayley Gregory
Hayley Gregory
Jan 12, 2022

I love this! Would this formula be similar to your liquid 6bb and 8gn?

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