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A GIANT Leap for Professional Hair Color! BEAUTY FUSION

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

How exciting it is to discover NEW hair color science and technology! I do all I can to avoid

sharing "copy cat' introductions; so when a product is GROUND BREAKING... I'm delighted

to share what I've found with YOU!

OK. Think of a liquid demi color which contains NO PPD, NO MEA, NO SILICONES

and NO ALCOHOL. Picture it in a 3 oz "Earth Friendly" bottle which costs less than $8.00 per those 3 ounces. This demi-liquid is mixed equal parts of its accompanying five volume

developer. This demi- liquid COVERS gray when allowed to process for 35 minutes at

room temperature... this is NOT a 'BLEND" it COVERS GRAY! The brand contains several natural ingredients, one which is derived from olive oil. This and others help protect the scalp from burning, itch or sensitivity.

AND..... When this Demi-liquid is mixed with 20 or 40 volume developer and its accompanying alkalizer.. it becomes a PERMANENT HAIR COLOR that simultaneously

lifts and deposits color into the hair! The intermixable shades create gorgeous results with

so much shine and vibrancy. The cuticle layer of the hair remains in a protected state, and

the comb ability of the hair is remarkable! NOW interested colorists can save shelf space,

money and problems with formulation!

I NEVER advise colorists to "switch" completely to a new line until they know more about it... and until after they have tried a shade or two. I tried this remarkable new color collection because for almost five years, I have personally experienced marked discomfort .. no matter

what I have used to cover my own gray hair. As many of you know, I have retouched 1/2 of my head on day one, and then, later on day 6 or 7, retouched the remainder of my retouch in an effort to minimize my sensitivity. When my colorist friend Sebastian Steele recommended that I try BEAUTY FUSION, he was kind enough to send me my "formula" for gray coverage

6.43 with equal parts of 5.0. This past May, I used it.. felt NO DISCOMFORT.. and my gray has been COVERED perfectly. I've begun using the brand on a number of my clients here

in Houston.

If you'd like a color chart, instruction, or advice, OR if you'd like to order BEAUTY FUSION,

contact Damion His email is . Text or call him at: 561-252-0544.. B

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