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ALL NEW: Accelerated Learning Option for the Career Colorist

My Immersion Into Hair Color sessions continue touring throughout America. Conducting them remains my professional passion!

Additionally, I am responding to expert friends, requesting post-graduate, advanced degree educational sessions. These ask participants to devise their own 'color path'- creative steps based on experience and expert knowledge- The content is presented in a laboratory environment.

The class objective: Expand your expertise. Create gorgeous hair color in a classroom environment where you share what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Be immersed in the art and science of salon professional hair color.

As your guide, I will hear and respond to how you and your color 'partner' plan to proceed. You will effectively engage with your model; creating your own 'color path'. Decisions result from your DETAILED analysis, formula choices, and technical excellence. No time limits, and no salon 'stress' -- a day of guided creativity based on your desire to master the art of hair color. I will be with you to predict, in advance, where your path may be leading. The ultimate choices are yours to make!

Post-Graduate Immersion Into Hair Color - Art and Science, debuts on Monday, March 11th. Jazba Salon, Bend, Oregon. As the day begins, we welcome you with a selection of coffees, teas and juices. Lunch will be provided, and we will celebrate our success at day's end with wine and cheese photo opps, and with awarding of a Certificate of Post-Graduate Hair Color Study.

Registration details will be posted here and on my Face Book pages very soon. Please comment here if you are interested in Joining us. Beth

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