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A Message from Color Chemists

Color manufacturers are aware that salon pros remain interested in improvements and more modern ways to color hair.

While 'discomfort' or scalp sensitivity concern a relatively small group of clients, comfort is a concern, so science searches for ways to eliminate issues.

Several years ago, Wella reported that they created ME+-- an ingredient which replaces PPD or PTD. In Their color. . Traditionally, these ingredients. provide rich color results and gray coverage. ME+ does this successfully, as it changes the molecular shape of PTD and PPD so that the body's T Cells may not be triggered to react when color is in contact with the scalp.. An advance for us and for our clients. Schwartzkopf has also introduced shades which eliminate PPD and PTD

BEAUTY FUSION Phyto Tech Color contains NO PPD, alcohol or resorcinol. the OxyMilk Developer contained protective Zemea Oil. AND the organic plant oils contained in the color protect both the scalp and the hair strand so that maximum client comfort is assured -- without compromising the beautiful quality of the results we expect.

ALL color manufacturers search for effective ways to maintain comfort, safety and quality. Feel free to chat with your expert brand reps when they visit you. Sometimes we might not be aware of new advances And, when a brand you use delivers what you and your clients enjoy, GREAT!!

As a dedicated color educator, I remain dedicated to teaching the science and chemistry common to all hair color brands..Join me. Enjoy a factual exchange of important, colorful information-- designed to advance your professional knowledge as we elevate salon hair color to an art form!

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01 באוק׳ 2023

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate the chemical properties

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
02 באוק׳ 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

Thank YOU for appreciating the information and for participating with your comment! Wishing you all the best. Beth

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