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I remember doing a show long ago in Michigan. We were pre-dong models back stage.

One of the models was a very pretty women with long medium ash blonde (natural)

hair color. Our goal: Create a gorgeous red on this model.

I was working with super colorist, and Team Beth member Mark Mileti. We decided to

apply a no lift demi-creme copper red formula at level 5 to her root area. Then, we

immediately began wrapping selected strands of her hair into that same formula. So,

we were creating a red "root" area and LOTS of copper/red lowlights into her hair.

After 30 minutes, we rinsed the hair completely, towel dried and applied an acidic

liquid demi shade at level 8Copper to the entire head.. roots to ends. We covered

the hair with a plastic cap, and processed for 20 minutes. After rinsing, shampooing

conditioning and styling, this was THE KILLER GORGEOUS HEAD IN THE SHOW!

Magical moments of creativity, joy and success.... working with a wonderful team mate

who loved doing this as much as I did. I still use this technique..... and it WORKS!

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Robert Petsche
Robert Petsche
Mar 02, 2023

Please share more of your best stories. Your experiences and knowledge are invaluable. More content like will drive subscribers to this site. I've colllected your formula books over the years and never tire of your stories. Thank you!

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Mar 02, 2023
Replying to

Thaned k you, Robert. PLEASE support my work by using Beauty Fusiaon.. and by ordering even small amounts for your salon. Jay and Alan have trusted me to help build the brand. Your staff listened to me teach how easy this brand is to use. Have you asked for the three chapters I have re-written for the brand? they are FREE and easy to read. Contact Jay or anyone at Beecher. They will send online or mail hard copies to you. Thx. Beth

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