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A NOD To On-Trend Hair Color… Preparing For New Options

The summer season is right around the corner. Some of our clients will ask to ‘brighten up’ with color that’s lighter and more ‘sun kissed’ than the shade they wear during the cooler months… For some, it will be ‘business as usual’, others will decide to take a color vacation, and let their hair remain in a growing out phase until September.

This Fall, color trend recommends darker, richer hair color. For a few clients, that might mean a slightly richer base shade or some strategically placed lowlights dashed through the usual base color.

I offer a ‘color boost’ service to my busy summer client if she ‘goes natural’ until summer’s end. TEN DOLLARS for 10 Minutes.

After shampooing the hair, I Towel dry the hair Very Thoroughly. I custom mix equal parts (1 Tbsp) of my favorite Creme conditioner with (1Tbsp) of my chosen color boosting conditioner. Favorite brands of color-depositing conditioner are Evo Fabuloso, Celeb’s Gem Lights or Viral, or Wella color color Conditioner. I select a boosting shade which is slightly lighter and or a bit less vivid or bright than my target shade. This is NOT a color change service. It IS a Color Refresher and Deep Conditioning treatment.

This relatively small amount of conditioner glides through the hair when massaged and ‘pulled’ gently throughout the hair lengths. Your hands work slowly, evenly distributing the treatment as you attempt to bathe the hair with conditioner.

Next, rinse and towel dry your hands. Set a timer for 10 minutes and make your client comfortable. When ten minutes have elapsed, rinse the hair Thoroughly with warm water… Rinse well!!!!

This custom care makes clients feel pampered, reminds them of the color-centric services they receive in your salon, delivers a bit of beautiful refreshing tone, and guides them to purchasing Retail Conditioner from you for at home use. AND you can both share the thoughts you may be having about the direction you can take when creating that perfect new shade for autumn.

Let’s here how YOU are keeping color at the forefront at Your salon this summer. The slightest boost of shine, improved combability and highlight keep your cuts and finishes turning heads… the best salon advertisement of all. B

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