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My views regarding the non-stop sharing on Instagram and other social media outlets differ from almost everyones' My dear salon pal Andrew Finkelstein shared words of wisdom prepared by Seth Godin.

"Instead of trying to reach everyone, seek to reach the SMALLEST VIABLE AUDIENCE.

Delight them so that they will fully delight others."

So, before sending out images, ask yourself: What type of client do I wish to attract? What type of person will be interested in my images and messages? WHY am I taking

this photograph? Who will be inspired by this photo? AIM BEFORE YOU SHOOT!

Stop taking everyone's picture unless doing this has been successful for you. Some images,

while acceptable, are far from inspirational. Influencers curate their images. They choose great lighting, interesting models, inspirational work... and great photography. Share your finest work and seek that viable audience! b

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