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"bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimagrate": That's the name editors are sharing when writiing of the patented ingredient in Olaplex 3, which allows the product to strengthen and repair hair from the inside out.

K-18, Redken, Living Proof and other brands tout the positive impact of the

bonding abilities contained in a number of their new products. For sure, these products

can improve hair condition, and offer helpful steps forward as we work to improve

the way we color hair in the salon. Here, at home maintenance is critical.

HOWEVER: When chemists are asked: Is there ANY product that COMPLETELY RE-BONDS, 100%, the Peptide and Di-Sulfonic bonds, broken when hair is invaded by

bleaches, relaxers and other highly alkaline substances.. the answer is NO. While an

effective re-bonding BRIDGE is created, the hair is no longer returned to a perfect,

"virgin" state....


bonding products DO create an effective way to "bridge" these critical bonds, thereby creating stronger, healthier feeling hair, and a better hair condition, colorists should

refrain from thinking that these are "magic", Salon professionals newer to

our business are particularly convinced that they can do anything to the hair without

creating any damage, and that they might be able to apply and to re-apply

lighteners over and over again, without damaging the hair. WRONG!

While extremely helpful, bonders are great TOOLS which DO improve hair condition

, it's best to remember that NOTHING IS MAGIC!

As I always say, once a steak is well-done, there is no way to make it medium-rare.

.... Most important: Do all you can to avoid over-processing (weakening) the hair.

When you read the instructions printed on in-salon bonders, most recommend that the

user continues using the bonding product developed for "at home".... in-between salon

visit ... hair care. Reapplication of the appropriate bonding product is critical to maintain

that supporting bonding bridge.

Remember always: Bleach, Permanent Wavies, High-Lift Permanent Hair Color shades

and Sodium Hydroxide are the products containing the highest alkalinity levels used

in salons today. Use them with professional caution. Follow instructions to the letter.. and

avoid believing that hair dyed black, dark brown or red can be safely transitioned to platinum

white-blonde without creating an unhappy situation... perhaps not the day this is done..

but, most certainly in the not-too-distant future.

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