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Like all of you, I try my best to care for my clients. Some of them need extra-special

attention. Today, after surviving a pandemic, "WELLNESS" has become a term heard

'round the globe. And, at times, product comfort and safety become a part of the


I continue to use several brands at the salon. For clients concerned about discomfort,

long-term "color fears", burning, itching or rashes, I share a list of ingredients with them.

These have been ELIMINATED .. and are NOT PRESENT in a remarkable "New to

America" line of salon professional hair color.

BEAUTY FUSION has been dermatologically tested for skin tolerance at the University of Perugia. The formula is biodegradable. It contains NO:






Organic Natural Plant Oils have been added to protect scalp and hair. The 60 Plus intermixable liquid shades are housed in 3 ounce bottles, and perform glazes, color refreshment, toners for pre-lightened hair, tint backs, gray blending or

coverage... AND transition into a permanent formula when the accompanying, optional "booster" is added for required "lift and deposit" alkalinity.

Days ago, the first ten members responding here on, received a free sample of the formula I use to cover my "gray roots". I look forward to

learning about the results they obtained.

Hey! As you know, I never ask people to consider "switching" to another line of color... HOWEVER, sometimes INCLUDING a few key shades for those clients who report

fear or discomfort... can be the beginning of something really helpful as we continue

to elevate hair color to an art form.

Interested in learning more? Pleas EMAIL ME at P

I'm happy to send additional information to YOU!

And, I look forward to seeing you in class on Monday, October 10th! CLEVELAND

... Home of the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame!!!!

Beth! .

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