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Again: Deep Dive: Organic

To date, NO hair color in the permanent color category can be 100 percent 'Organic'. ALL hair color that can lighten natural color as it deposits color MUST contain an alkalizer which activates the oxidative dye molecules AND which allows our formula to penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair, where itworks to remove natural pigment as it deposits its own new color level and tone.

The definition of 'organic' simply means 'derived from carbon.. '

'Certified Organic' means that an ingestible item is free from containing GMO, was never in contact with synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

So when considering purchase of 'organic' color, remember: To date: NO permanent hair color can be 100 percent Organic. Let me help you. Text me if you need help. Beth. 646-468-9802

All this is discussed in my classes. Join us. B

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