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Helping hair colorists achieve the precise results they wish to create for their clients is one of the most rewarding parts of my professional life. I do need YOUR HELP so that I can HELP

YOU most effectively.

On many occasions in class, here on our site, or on my Facebook Group Page for Colorists,

I am asked to provide color formulas and instructions. Sometimes the colorist who is asking will show a photo. But, in so many cases, one critical piece of information is missing:

And that is:

WHAT DOES THE CLIENT'S HAIR LOOK LIKE NOW? Without that information, we are

both "dancing in the dark"...To provide instruction I need to know what the client's "roots" look like NOW, how long are and what do the hair lengths look like NOW,

(level, tone, percentage of gray, if any)... condition, porosity. Prior chemical services?

THIS INFORMATION helps me help you. As you know, applying the same color to a deep brunette and to a medium blonde will create two VERY DIFFERENT results. AND... we are living in a world where many new clients have had Keratin Smoothing Treatments, relaxers,

previously bleached or colored hair.. SO, the "root". or "zone one" of the hair is a completely

different situation that the hair residing in the hair lengths. The more you observe, share

and explain where you "are" .... The more successful we will be.

I compare this to giving someone directions when they are driving a car. If someone asks:

How do I get to Chicago? .... It is necessary to know WHERE THEY ARE NOW! The directions would be very different if a person was currently in Pittsburgh or in Miami.. We

can't know how to get there unless we know where you are now.

I treasure learning from YOU and answering your questions. 2022 is upon us. I look forward

to seeing you in class in Dallas, Texas (February 7th), Boston, Ma. (March 21st) and in Austin, Texas (April 25th). Please comment here if you plan to join me.. and I will share the

registration link for YOU. Happy Happy New Year. With Love, Beth Minardi

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Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Dec 27, 2021

Thank ou! Austin will be very special. Registration will be up during the second week of January — with early registration discounts! I look forward to seeing you there. Happy New Year! Beth


Dec 27, 2021

I plan to join you in Austin! When will registration open?

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