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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This, in yesterday's New York Times.. a FULL Page. Sulfates have had a bad rap

attached to their being harsh. Expensive, cocoanut derived sulfates are "natural",

and again, EXPENSIVE. Here's what the ORDINARY Hair Care Company says:

"Removing sulphates has become a trend in Clean Beauty. Casting them as too harsh and not sensitive enough.

ORDINARY follows results - not trends. Evidence-based Science-backed Ingredient-led

So, instead of removing sulphates Ordinary researched them, and reduced them down to their essential levels

Strong enough to remove buildup and impurities. Soft enough to hydrate skin and scalp over time. Introducing Sulphate4% cleanser for Body and Hair. SLES-2 is a softer kind of sulphate that's gentle yet EFFECTIVE cleansing. Just an FYI.

When YOU investigate the ingredients included in some of the FINEST luxury shampoos and conditioners, you may see that "sulfates" (the good ones), are present. These are usually those that are naturally derived, expensive, AND naturally derived. SULFATES create gentle

lather and act almost like a "vacuum" which helps life cellular debris and "dirt" from both the

scalp and the hair. And, the best ones are housed in products with a lower ph. All this type

of information is posted here on AllAccess, AND is discussed at every IMMERSION INTO

HAIR COLOR session I host. Next stop: Boston, March 28th. Only SIX places remain. Coming in April and May: Chicago and Cleveland. Stay tuned here for announcements. B

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