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As clients return to our salons this month, almost ALL of them suffer from hair that may be sun bleached, damaged, affected by chlorine or mineral deposit. So, almost every one who

schedules for a cut or blow dry, might deserve a clarifying treatment followed by a deep conditioning, AND a new "at home" color care routine.

A number of blonde clients might be very, very faded blonde.. not a bad thing unless the hair

is so overly lightened that it looks gray-white-dull. I like to avoid an "all over" glaze on this

type of hair, as most clients will think you have transitioned them to DULL or even to BROWN!

Here come the lowlights! Right now, Wella Color Touch (which is a bit like my former Beth

Minardi Demi Creme Shades), is a great low lighting tool. I liked mixing 9/3 with equal parts

of 10/0 and combining this with the 1.9% developer. I place lowlights through the nape,

crown and sides of the head.. above the ears. I avoid placing on the part line, and at the

face frame. And, later, for a KISS of warmth, which is NEVER too dark or too warm, I

condition the hair with Gemlights Citrine Conditioner.. 5 minutes at the sink. These litttle

adjustments keep the hair beautiful, healthy, and ready for the Autumn ahead! B

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