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Balancing Blonde Highlighting

This post is directed to colorists working on hair which is a minimum of 3 inches in length below the nape... and conveys only my opinion.

As I engage hair color models for my classes, I'm delighted to enlist so many models who need a refresh of their blonde highlighting. Aside from 'budget constraints'... I'm disheartened to see that most of these models have super/heavily highlighted hair throughout the crown, top and face-framing areas... with not ONE highlight at the back of the head. As an artist, imagine the effect of wearing a black slip under a white dress... there is a shadow that minimizes what reflects above the surface.

Even an appointment for a 'partial' highlighting might include placement of a few new highlights at the nape and behind the ears. Unless your client requests to be completely brunette at the nape, this minimal amount of extra effort will help the shade you create stand out as being 'exceptional'! What do YOU think? Join me for classes in April... Chicago and Detroit! Beth

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Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
03. März

Hi Frank N.! So happy that you are ‘tuning in' my Website for color experts like YOU! B

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