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BEAUTIFUL COLOR OPTIONS - Friendly to Humans and to Planet Earth

Members here should continue using brands they prefer and which work best for

them. Right now, great performance, climate change and managing the rising cost

of hair coloring products are all top of mind for many of us.

are top of mind for many of us.

Enter BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH HAIR COLOR. Here is what to consider:

BEAUTY FUSION is an extraordinary collection of 63 intermixable oil-based shades

which condition as they color the hair. The brand is both earth and human friendly, and

contains no MEA, DEA, PPD Silicones, Resorcinol Cocamides or added Alcohols.

The brand contains scalp and hair protective organic natural oils, which help clients obtain a

"pain free" Nono-irritating hair color experience.

Housed in a three ounce bio-degradable bottle, BEAUTY FUSION creates three important

types of hair color action. Colorists create BEAUTY FUSION formulas:

  1. As an acidic liquid "demi". deposit-only hair color. (mix color with 5 volume developer)

  2. As a gentle, slightly alkaline "no lift" demi plus color. (mix color with 5 volume developer and creme color booster.

  3. As a permanent "lift and deposit" color (mix color with 20, 30 or 40 volume developer and creme color booster.

One color brand delivers all three types of color formulas top colorists need to create. Gentle

and irritation- free for even the most sensitive clients. Wonderful "fade resistant" shades that

cover gray, deliver gorgeous blonde, red and brunette results, AND add incredible shine to the hair. ALL AT ONLY $7.95 for 3 ounces of color.

A brand you may wish to consider. If so, contact your Artego-Beecher group representative,

or call Elisa 817-877-7384 (Western USA) or Damion (Eastern USA). 561-252-0544.

JOIN ME to learn more about hair color technique, science, chemistry, "never fail" formulas, and broaden your expertise as a salon professional colorist. regardless of the brands you currently use. And, of course, I will introduce you to BEAUTY FUSION .. Diploma, lunch

and free gifts for all. My next learning sessions take place in Sarasota, Florida. (Monday

January 22nd) and in Dallas, Texas (Monday, February 26th.) Tickets available now

when you call Elisa at 817-877-7384.

Beth Minardi. 646-468-9802

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