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A musical genius who had celebrated his 90th birthday, continued practicing his cello

EVERY DAY for one hour. When a younger professional musician asked him, 'Master, why

do you think you need to continue practicing? You are known as one of the finest

musicians in history?"

.... Here's how he answered: "You know, I think I'm beginning to make a bit more progress!"

As artists, salon colorists have the opportunity to learn something new almost every

single day. The message here is to never, ever stop learning... THAT is what keeps us

at the top of our game. As difficult as it might be, learning from both our successes and from our errors keeps us striving for excellence.

I have communicated successfully and rather CLEARLY with salon clients during my life in New York City.. And, for many years, I felt very comfortable doing so.

I share, (with a bit of stress), that I have learned that successfully communicating with clients here in a new city, (Houston), requires a different approach...

a different tone, set of words, and newer descriptions. Clients here expect that the colorist list each color step "A LA CARTE, rather than learning, in general terms, about what they can expect in order to enjoy a beautiful hair color result. B

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Does anybody remember Modulate by Schwartzkopf? It was Sulfur and only went after the color molecule not the natural base color, no shift. I am looking for one like that, can anyone please suggest one? Thanks,Michele.

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi

Color ERASE by Joico and Malibu CPR. CPR is the gentlest. Both products are great! B

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