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BEGINNINGS: Color Created In The Lab

Color chemistry labs are supplied with wefts of very special virgin hair. The hair is

completely free of pigment. This is not beached hair! This is pure white (unpigrmented)

human hair, Rare and very costly.

When creating color, the scientist is asked to develop and test shades which produce the exact levels the color company directs.

The lab is successful when those white swatches, colored with the test shade,

develop to the exact level expected. The level of the finished, dry swatches are measured with meters showing precise light absorption and light reflection. And when the shade passes that test,

the lab is ready to show the color to the marketing group........

So: When pure white hair transitions to a level 4, the scientist knows he has created a level 4. When a white swatch colors to a level 8, he/she knows that they have created a shade of

level 8.

Hence, A color level is defined, by exactly what it does to cover 100$ gray hair to the

level written on the color carton. So: we learn that a level 3 shade will cover 100% white

hair to a level 3.

When a client has hair which is 50% white (gray) and 50% level 3 (medium brown), and if

we apply a color formula of level 5.. her white (gray) hair will transition to exactly a level 5,

and the level 3 hair will become a level 4. The gray is covered 100% to a level 5 and the level 3 hair

has lightened to a level 4........ in my opinion, a lovely, shiny, better than natural color

result! After we understand all of this, becoming truly "creative" is so much more fun!



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