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Join me on Monday, April 25th for IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR with Beth Minardi. I

look forward to a wonderful day with passionate career colorists... of all levels of

expertise. Our inspirational and enlightening day of learning, benefits every professional,

regardless of the brand(s) you are currently using. My content comes "straight from the

heart"..and from my years of experience both "behind my chair" and as a former Director

of Education, Contributing Editor, Product Designer and Special Consultant to major color manufacturers. I am blessed to have worked with the leading color chemists in the world, and with color experts in product development, marketing and sales. Members of my "Team

Beth" rank as among the "best of the best".

Our day together at Blonde Faith, in Austin, includes my step-by-step technique demo on three models, a "hands on" experience, and lots of new and important color "info" we all want

to understand right now. The day is dedicated to YOU and to YOUR SUCCESS! You

will clearly hear, see, and be able to ask any question or share any comment you desire!

I am joined by color expert and artist extraordinaire, Max Maisano. We promise to create

a wonderful experience you will want to video tape or photograph. You'll leave class with

great new ideas you can put to use immediately upon return to your salon!

Registration link will be "up" HERE on our website during the Second Week of January. Early registration discounts (non-refundable) will be available here, first, on our site!

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