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The beauty of carefully-created blonde hair creates such pleasure! Seeing a smile on the client's face makes me feel so happy. Being "beautifully blonde" means a lot to a client, And, in almost every single case, a VERY SOFT introduction of sheerest, pale champagne tone

keeps hair lengths from becoming too "common" or monochromatic.Blonde hair is like a cashmere sweater: Handle with Care!

Add a very curated, whisper-soft bounce of dimension by "finishing" your light blonde retouches: Paint in or wrap tiny strands of graduated depth throughout the

lower - back of the head, and zig zagging above the ears. Here is what I use:

I mix a formula of demi-creme color. 1 ounce of a level 10 neutral with 1/2 ounce of

a level 9 neutral gold. I combine with 1 1/2 ounces of 5 volume developer. And, as the

color retouch processes near the scalp, I WEAVE these "angel shots" of champagne

color, very sparsely, into the hair. I allow these to remain processing for 30 minutes at

room temperature. The almost "now you see them; now you don't", shimmer of contrast

makes blonde hair look like that of a child... simply beautiful!

AND, caring for that pastel hair is incredibly important.. both at the salon and at home.

I use MILBON's Reparative Shampoo and Treatment at the sink.. and recommend that my

blonde clients use this at home. And, debuting in March, ORIBE introduces a wonderful

strengthening line.. shampoo, treatment and leave-in "reinforcer".. all packaged in pastel

yellow.. a wonderful new addition to the ORIBE collection! B.

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