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Additional opportunity to learn in a PRIVATE, 'One on One" setting: When the next

FIVE COLORISTS registering for HOUSTON, Immersion Into Color with Beth Minardi,

Monday, August 8th, Location: Paul Mitchell, The Academy, Katy Highway, they get

FREE private study options at no additional cost. Are YOU ready to learn? Here are

your choices:

A FREE, PRIVATE, 90 Minute Telephone Hair Color Tutorial with me. List the questions

or challenges you choose to solve. This inspirational dialogue is YOUR opportunity

to get the answers you need or to develop your next plan for colorful success.

"YOU AND ME". Let's create color together: Meet me at KHARISMA SALON --

Select and bring a client (model), excited about a wonderful color change or correction. You and I create (or correct) hair color, step-by-step. This private color learning session is not a "quick service". We enjoy a day of careful evaluation, application and targeted final results.

THEN: We'll take "after" photos created to boost YOUR social media platform.

Register, ASAP, for our Houston Immersion into Color Event I will contact the next FIVE attendees about their additional private study opportunity! Beth!

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