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While the world regularly experiences constant, (yet rather gradual), change, I

think many of us will agree that the past several years have revealed a HUGE

number of new challenges, concerns and adaptations. Ignoring these changes

is not as easy as it was in the past.

In an effort to function with reduced anxiety, I, like many of us, had decided to enjoy

the cocoon-like setting we experience as we create beauty working at our salons. Experiencing life, seeing client after client, and managing situations unfolding right in

front of us, may no longer be as easy as it has been in the past. We need to know

more because clients expect more.

A part of this expectation is the enhanced attention on the concept of WELLNESS.

Clients are interested about HOW we achieve a result. Technique, maintenance and

INGREDIENTS are important to consumers. They are reading the labels and asking


Manufacturers are responding to customer demands. People are no longer backing away

from asking "what's in this stuff". So, it is our responsibility to provide answers. Over the

past year, I've observed that hair care and hair color brands are introducing products which

contain ingredients never mentioned (or utilized) in the past. .. But be careful, words like

"organic" and "natural" can be misleading. I am certain, however, that responsible companies are addressing health, safety and wellness, more critically than ever before.

How fortunate I am to be in contact with companies like Wella, Evo, Artego, Paul Mitchell and

others. They are on-board with satisfying the NEW CONSUMER who is focused on WELLNESS, and who demands that ingredients are safe, satisfying, and of long-term

benefit. WELLNESS without compromise. Providing all this is a big order. I'm here for the journey, and I know you are as well. If you've researched advances you'd like to share with

us, please do so. We're listening. I look forward to seeing you in class. Beth


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