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I look forward to meeting colorists for class in these wonderful cities this Spring. Salon

pros who love coloring hair and who are interested in hearing so much of the new

and important technique, science, product and business-building information our

business presents come away from class feeling inspired, motivated and loaded with

new ideas. Boost your level of expertise during an enjoyable day as you meet with other like-minded, committed colorists. Sessions take place on Mondays, begin at 10AM and conclude

at 5 PM. Hands on opportunity on live models (not on dolls). Sit in comfort. See and hear

everything. Share your thoughts. Class size limited.

If you are interested, PLEASE let me know. Tuitions are currently discounted for those

who register NOW at only $299 per person. SAVE when you register by calling Elisa

Messick at 817-877-7384. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt of

payment. Lunch, and diploma included in your tuition payment.

I'll be at Total Look Salon in Southport, Ct. in March. And, in both Chicago and Detroit

in April.

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