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Color Created by a Colorist….

Hair History repeating fine performance. Some members here remember how much they enjoyed using Logics Color Cremes, which have recently been discontinued.

Years ago, my dear color friend, Richard Hudavoni, was asked to visit labs in Italy. His mission: Duplicate the performance of Logics. House the color in a 5.1 ounce tube, and create curated, intermixable product levels, 1 through 12.. He successfully accomplished his mission! Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly after having successfully completing his mission. The line lives on, and I remain forever grateful to him.

If you are interested in the 'just like Logics' performance this brand offers, do let me know. B

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I’m interested to know how you would compare Beauty Fusion to Its Color?

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Never mind Beth! Just saw the Gabriel’s response toy question!❣️

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I used Logics years ago while assisting at Jean Juarez Salons here In Seattle.

Using Beauty Fusion for 9 Months now. Which I love as well as clients who aren't experiencing the itch while in process mode.

Beth, I wasn't clear about your Logics

Question. Are you wanting folks to take a look at BFusion to experience the similarities to Logics or as completely different color product line?

Thank You, susann

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A little confused? Is there a new color line like LOGICS? What’s the name?

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Contestando a

The color line is IT’s COLOR by Artego. The RO, RV, G, Blue Ash, N and NN shades. Work so much like Logics. Lift and deposit like Logics is calibrated. Mix color with equal amount of Creme developer. Gray coverage -superb!! 5.1 ounce tube for only $7.95. elisa can send you a chart AND help you order : call 817-877-7384.

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